May 8, 2020

Dogs are a man’s best friend they say, but beyond being a pet to the family Dogs are one of the best protections for life and property you can have. A good guard dog is a key way of ensuring the safety of your property and family.

Guard dogs are dogs that have taken up the duty of security and personal protection. They are specially trained to carry out protective duties as well as attack anyone trespassing on marked territories.

What are the Qualities of a Typical Guard Dog?

When choosing a guard dog breed, it is important to look out for certain traits that are necessary for it to carry out its guard duties.

The following are the key traits to look out for when getting a guard dog.

  1. Aggressiveness: Aggressiveness is one of the key things to look out when selecting a guard dog. While it is important for a dog to be aggressive, excessive aggressiveness can also pose a major threat to the lives of its handlers and those it is living with. This is particularly dangerous in scenarios where children are involved.  It quite common to hear of dogs that turn on their owners or handlers it is therefore imperative that your guard dog is properly trained on when, where and with whom its aggressiveness is required.


  1. Intelligence and Alertness: It is pretty easy to determine alertness in a dog. Is it always lying down and refusing to engage in activities when people pass by or is it easily awakened and conscious of movement around it? Inattentiveness is not what you require in a guard dog as it will not serve its purpose and makes can make dog training difficult. Sharp sparkling eyes, focus, and sensitivity to noise and movement are key qualities of intelligent dogs. Intelligent dogs are a lot easier to train and will serve their guard purpose.


  1. Dominance & Confidence: A strong dog has a natural domineering presence and does not need to establish it in its territory, it comes naturally. A confident dog does not feel the need to constantly announce its presence in its territory. Other animals and dogs alike can naturally see and sense that it is the boss. For example, small dogs are usually louder than big dogs because they need to create a ‘notice me’ scene to be recognized. When selecting a dog, check for dominance traits; does the dog stand confidently in front of you in an attack pose or does it hide behind you leaving you prone to attack?


  1. Loyalty: Loyalty is a very important trait for a guard dog. It is the level of loyalty a dog has for its owners that causes it to want to protect the owner’s life and property. Loyal dogs are trained as they are not born with it and one must know the difference between over indulging the dog and caring for it. When a dog is treated with care and made to feel that it belongs in the family, it will in return create a sense of possessiveness around the owner thereby protecting him/her.

Training a dog for guarding and defence requires you placing requirements for certain actions and rewarding it in return.

Watch Dog Vs Guard Dog: What’s the Difference?

All guard dogs are watch dogs but not all watch dogs are guard dogs. Confused? Let me break it down for you:

  • Watch dogs keep an eye on and bark at approaching strangers or anything unusual. With Guard dogs, even though they keep an eye out for danger, they attack and defend their territory violently.
  • Guard dogs are sentry dogs meaning they are trained to patrol to patrol a given area with very little human direction or prompting. They are very confident, dominant and intelligent.

In essence, the difference between a guard dog and a watch dog it the type of training received.

Types of Guard Dogs

  1. Personal Protection Dogs: Personal protection dogs are guard dogs who are trained to guard individuals or families against threats. They go with the owner everywhere and attack anyone who poses a threat to them. They are also trained to


  1. Home Security Dogs: Most guard dogs are kept for the purpose of guarding a home. Home guard dogs are intimidating to enable them keep strangers away. They are also very intelligent which enables them to distinguish familiar faces from strangers. They are also very friendly with children and can be left around them safely. Most common home security dog breeds are German shepherds and Doberman.


  1. Military Dogs: These dogs are professionally trained for service in the military and other armed security forces. They are used for investigative purposes and undercover operations. They help largely in undercovering traffic rings, narcotics, explosives as well as ammunitions and controlled substances. Military dogs are highly intelligent and have very strong sense of smell. In order to carry out their duties effectively, they must undergo a great deal of training.


  1. Commercial property Dogs: These are guard dogs trained to watch over commercial buildings like malls, shops, supermarkets, and general retail outlets. Commercial property dogs are trained to chase and pin down shoplifters, burglars and other intruders.

Duties and Roles of Guard dogs.

  • To protect lives and property
  • To protect and safeguard the property in the absence or presence of the owner.
  • To attack and defend its owner during violent confrontations
  • Chasing away trespassers
  • To help with tracking and trailing
  • For detection of controlled substances
  • For crowd dispersal and control
  • To protect livestock by ensuring they stay within a confined perimeter
  • For protection, pulling out and identification during natural disaster.

Common Guard Dog Breeds 

  • Belgian Malinois
  • Bull Mastif
  • German Shepherd
  • Rottweiler
  • Great Dane
  • Doberman
  • Pitbull
  • Caucasian Shepherd
  • American Bulldog
  • Crane Corso

If you are serious about security, having a good guard dog will be highly beneficial to you. However, you cannot simply get any dog you see for guarding purposes. Consider the reason for getting the dog, the role you want it to play and choose one that will fit that role.

Need a guard dog for your premises? Contact us today to find one that will work with you to achieve better security.

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