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The security services obtainable at events are different from the regular security service as they are completely different from what is obtainable at residential or business premises.

Events security can involve the use of body guards, guard dogs as well as screening or x-ray solutions.

Getting the right security solution is imperative to the success of an event as the quality of the security at your event can either make or mar it. as events security guards at events are completely responsible for the protection of attendees against crime as well as crowd control.

Tips to ensure a security proof event 

The underlisted tips will ensure your event is security proof and goes as planned.

Ensure a risk and threat assessment is carried out:Security requirements for events varies. The type of solution required for a wedding is different from that of a concert or political gathering and so it is important to identify and implement a solution that is tailored to that event. The first step to doing so is to identify possible threat sources, its risk level and come up with solutions for deterrence.

Handle VIPs discreetly: A key area of challenge during an event is related to VIP management as the presence of VIPs at an event can pose major security risks. In order to ensure VIPs are well protected at an event, there must be discretion concerning seating, and transportation (to and from the venue)

Be strict with the guest list: Only individuals permitted should be allowed into the premises. Invitation cards and screening must be taken seriously to prevent gate crashing and exposure to risks.


Why security is important at your event

Crowd control: Security officers or body guards at an event help with crowd control. Individuals can get excited at an event causing them to loose control or break into a fight. The presence of security will help keep attendees in check ensuring a smooth sail.

Crime prevention: There is hardly an event that goes by without a crime incident as events naturally attract the presence of individuals with mischief or crime motives. Event attendees can easily get carried away and careless with personal items making them vulnerable to theft and losses. Security presence at events ensures there are extra eyes watching when an attendee isn’t. They also help to stop crime before it happens or apprehend the preparator.

Communication: Security officers present at an event are responsible for providing communication directives that deals with arrivals, seating, parking, and exits at an event. They are able to direct attendees to where they should be for a smooth sail of the event.

Enforcement: Sometimes, event attendees just want to have their way without care for the obstruction this may cause. They may prefer a particular parking or sitting spot as against the designated area(s). Security officers will ensure the rules are not violated and attendees are where and how they should be.

Barriers: An event houses various caliber of personalities. At concerts,  tickets vary and this affects seating arrangements. Other events can have VIP sections which will require cordoning off from the regular area. The presence of security ensures barriers are created and enforced so that attendees can only be exactly where they need to be at a particular time.

Emergency: Emergency situations can arise at an event, it can be health, environmental or security related. This can bring about safety concerns. The presence of security officers can help in dealing with such situations when they arise as security guards are trained to deal with emergency situations and provide exit plans that will lead attendees to safety.

Control unwarranted media access: Events are always a magnet for the media especially when there are VIPs in attendance. This can cause some overzealous media groups desperate for stories to breach security in order to have access to the action. Dealing with such can be tasking as a slight mistake in handling can bring the event organizers to bad light. Security guards can ensure this is under control by managing such individuals and ensuring press and privacy violations are well checked, controlled and stopped.


Now that you understand what it takes to pull a successful event with the aid of security presence, hiring Latins security can eliminate the burden of security at your event. Our team of events security guards are specially trained in the art of event security and are equipped with advanced skills that will ensure your events are extra protected and well enjoyed.


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