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A lot of people hire security guards to protect their lives and property as well as a host of other reasons but how important are they really?

In our daily lives, we tend to underestimate the values of security guards. We often fail to recognize their presence and the work they do. While it is easy to forget how important they are, it is tougher to picture our lives without them.

Security guards play a crucial role in protecting lives, property, infrastructure, assets and our community as a whole. There is more to their duty than patrolling as they work round the clock in shifts providing protection and surveillance to their assigned service area.

Being vigilant and consistent is a key quality they must possess as the are required to stay awake and watchful of activities around their environment by looking out for anything or anyone that can pose a threat to the environment they are in charge of as well as its surrounding areas.

In public spaces, like markets, malls, schools, office complexes, residential estates etc. they enjoy the help of electronic monitoring devices like CCTV cameras, alarms and access control to make their duties a bit easier.

Depending on the type of area or client, the security guards may also be armed for added protection.

So, what are the typical duties and responsibilities of a security guard?

1. Maintaining public safety: The public benefits from the presence of security guards in public and private spaces. Places like malls, markets, clubs, schools, hotels, residential estates all rely on the services of security guards which the public enjoy by extension as the presence of the security guards in those places directly ties into their functions as the public watchdog.

2. Provide support to law enforcement: If a major security breech happens (such as a riot or fire outbreak) security guards work closely with the police and fire fighters to secure the scene, make citizen arrests and maintain order. Providing witness testimony in trial may also be required of them.

3. Preventing crime: Security guards prevent crime through vigilance and proactive actions. They perform safety audits of their environment and investigate suspicious activities. They can be uniformed or plain clothed and can also be either in or out of sight.

4. Communication: In order to maintain the safety of the public and the environment, security guards must communicate as effectively and efficiently as possible. Security communication can be verbal through explaining procedures or through enforcement. Communication can also be between security guards and the security agencies of forces through informing and alerting the appropriate authorities of suspicious activities and actions.

5. Response: When something goes wrong, it can be somewhat difficult to react appropriately. Panic can set in leading to confusion which can compound the existing problem. Security guards are trained to be focused on making the right moves no matter the situation. They stay alert to be able to manage, respond, report and call for extra help if required.

6. Observe and Report: Security guards observe by actively monitoring their environment for activities. They also observe by monitoring the surveillance systems in place. In situations where suspicious activities are observed, they report to relevant authorities by providing witness statements and interviews.

While the duties of security guards vary depending on their assigned location and the personalities they render services to, their primary duty focuses on prevention of crime as well as the protection of lives and property through proactive steps.

Without the proactive action and support of security guards, law enforcement would be overwhelmed and unable to carry out their duties effectively leading to an environment that is highly security deficient.

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