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04 Mar
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Living in a residential estate is meant to be more communal and secure as against living in a single house. There are multiple home owners and, in most cases, a single entry and exit point. Due to these factors, the decision on security arrangements can be a bit tricky as home owners may have different ideas on how best to go about it as well as the estate home owner’s association guidelines in place.

So how do home owners  go about deciding whether or not to hire a security guard?

Here are factors to consider

 1. Can the estate home owner’s association afford the services of a security company?

The cost of paying for a security outfit’s services will likely come from the service charge fees which are collected annually or monthly by the estate home owner’s association (EHOA).

EHOA funds are usually divided into two categories i.e.

  • General expenses and
  • Reserve funds.

General expenses funds cover areas such as cleaning, fumigation, maintenance, and security while reserve funds are normally used for emergency situations such as events, or the construction of a new service area like a playground.

In any case, the EHOA need to ensure the current service charge dues covers security expenses if not, there will be a need to review how funds are allocated or increase the amount paid as service charge. This may or may not be necessary depending on the existing EHOA guidelines.

 2.  Are there multiple common areas in the estate?

Depending on the structure of the estate, a security officer could be positioned to monitor a single area thereby ensuring no funny activities or trespassing on the property.

Alternatively, if there are multiple and common areas, there’ll be need for security officers to monitor those areas as they can be susceptible to criminals especially if non-estate owners have access to the community.

The presence of security officers at common and large areas will also be beneficial to the estate as onsite security officers can help with situations such as traffic control, parking and general security surveillance.

 3.  Are there a lot of external dark areas which can be used for hiding?

Some places in the estate can be more open than others such as a block of flats which will not have a lot of external dark areas. However, if there are a lot of places to hide within the estate, such as bushy areas, out of sight areas, and poorly lit corners, criminals will have better luck with break ins and theft. While lighting up dark areas and trimming of overgrown bushes can help increase visibility and reduce the possibility of criminal activities, the presence of security officers on patrol is a greater deterrence to prospective criminals.

Employing the services of a security outfit is the best for any residential estate.With security officers on ground, your neighbourhood’s security is guaranteed and with guaranteed security comes an increased value on property. If you are ready to to better protect your residential estate, contact us to have one of our team members speak to you on the best options available for guaranteed security

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