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10 Mar
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In most cases, people expect security officers to be a male, with muscular and intimidating features. It is not an unusual expectation as the traditional security industry has always been a male dominated one.

Overcoming the stereotype of men being better at preforming security roles than women is one of the biggest challenges women encounter in the industry. Thankfully, more and more security organisations are pushing for diversity, equality and opportunities for women in the sector.

Latins security Ltd, recognizes the role female security officers play as valuable performance resources in the industry. Women security officers do as well and sometimes better than their male counterparts in effectively carrying out their roles.


Women at the frontline of security

Women are ideal for security officer roles. Being a security officer isn’t just about physical looks and strength which are mostly attributed to defense abilities; it is more about the intellectual aspects through key elements such as: Proactiveness, communication, effectiveness, thoroughness, multitasking, empathy and emotional intelligence.

On a day to day basis, women security officers work alongside their male counterparts on equal terms when dealing with security situations. While the male security guards often possess the physical strength and outlook for deterrence, most of the women aren’t built that way but what the women lack in size, they make up for in their ability to be more adept at handling situations and security threats without involving physical intervention.


Women as better Mediators

Women are usually better at dealing with situations than men. They are naturally excellent mediators and are often better skilled at seeing things from varying angles. Their ability to calm down, analyse and think things over puts them at a better position of resolving and quelling incidences without letting it degenerate into a full-blown escalation.


Women for Women

It is easier a female to relate to her fellow woman and seek support from her. Most times, females in danger feel better and safer talking to someone who is like them and can understand exactly how and what they feel without having to say too much of what is going on. For example: a woman who is in a situation where a man’s actions has given her safety concerns will feel more comfortable talking to a female security officer about her situation with the view that she understands, and can proffer the best solution out of the situation for her as against a male security officer.


Women as better emphatisers  

Women are natural nurturers which makes them more empathetic and better at showing compassion.In security situations where families are involved say for example one that threatens the safety of a child, parents are often distraught and need to be calmed. In such a scenario, the female security usually plays a better role at supporting distraught families as its easier for them to understand how they feel and provide the kind of support required to ease the tension of that moment.


Women as better communicators

Women are great communicators and that is a key skill required for a security officer. Excellent communication is required to ensure security solutions and situations dispersed are handled effectively. It is important for great working relationship as well important for liaison between the security officers and their clients, the security officers and the clients of their area of service and between the security officers and the state security agencies. Having great communication skills is important for calm handling and resolution of crisis. A great flow of communication can also help in keeping people safe and secure in queues and rowdy situations.


Women are important for gender sensitive situations and roles

The role of women in security cannot be over emphasized in gender sensitive situations where religion and culture comes to play. For example, parts of the country where religion or tradition restricts physical interactions between men and women, the female security officer is the only one who is allowed to carry out actions such as performing checks and providing instructional guidance on other women.

The female security officer is also important onsite at airports and locations where pat down and frisk searches are required as the men are not allowed to carry out such activities on a woman.

Another example, can be a security situation in gender exclusive space like a female bathroom, changing room, or restroom, where men cannot have access to as it is only a female security officer that can go in there and fix the situation.


Women as natural multitaskers

Because women are great multi taskers, they are great at spotting potential security obstructions before they even happen as they can have their eyes and ears in multiple places at the same time. Being such natural multitaskers and eagled eyed, they are an asset for surveillance which makes them valuable for bursting and solving crime.


In conclusion,while women still face a lot of prejudice in the security industry, Latins Security LTD continues to create an environment where women are as equal to their male counterparts in roles, opportunities and wages.

In line with the 2020 international women’s day theme, Each for Equal, Latins security, promises to uphold the women in its organization by protecting them, dignifying them, and ensuring they are asvalued, recognized and respected as their male colleagues because they are equal.



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  1. Thank you Latins for this piece. We are gradually overcoming the stereotype of men being better at preforming certain functions.
    I celebrate every woman!!!!

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