28 Apr


  A hungry man is a threat to security

COVID-19 came upon us like a flood leaving individuals totally unprepared for the challenges the pandemic would bring. The shutting down of businesses brought about revenue loses gravely affecting largely individuals at the bottom of the labour pyramid who make their income from daily earnings.

There is hunger in the land

The drastic alteration in the ability of people to earn, has greatly exposed a larger part of the public to major security threats.

Break ins and cyber-crimes are on the rise, with criminals looking for new and drastic ways to make money.

Home and business owners are faced with new and increased challenges when it comes to managing their security. To ensure home and business security in the wake of this rapid security decline climate, Home and business owners must deploy robust intelligence, equipment and manpower to ensure their premises are safe and secure against break ins

How do you keep your premises safe at a time like this?

In the rush to stay safe, there is a significant possibility that the security of your premises will not be properly thought through leading to increased exposure and putting you at risk.

It is therefore important to remember to have an improved security strategy/plan during this period.

Access to your premises should be easy for legitimate users, but inaccessible (or at least very difficult) for everyone else.

 Good security practices during this time should have the following considerations:

  • Are your premises secured with the right technological solutions to protect it against a break in? You may not be able to afford a CCTV camera for surveillance, but a peephole viewer can help.
  • Are the individuals in your premises properly briefed and have clear guidance on how to ensure the safety of the environment? Keeping the doors locked, not opening up to strangers and ensuring they are spread around the premises as against being together in a particular space or room.
  • Review the existing security measures to ensure they do not inhibit maximum security efficiency.


How to ensure increased security during the Corona Virus Pandemic.

  1. Sometimes, all it takes to stay safe is a little kindness. Look around you, who are the bottom of the pyramid individuals in your community? Share some palliatives with them to curb their hunger. When people are less hungry, the chances of them carrying out a crime is greatly reduced.


  1. Be careful what you flaunt physically and on social media. Are you showing off food or lavish living at a difficult time like this? If yes, you are positioning yourself for an attack. You must be empathic and take into consideration the general economic and emotional mood of your environment. Be careful not to make yourself vulnerable to those who are in dire economic distress.


  1. Secure your home. Keep your doors and entrances shut. Light up your outdoors, install proper identification and surveillance systems that will warn you against intruders.


  1. If you live in a multiple floor premises, ensure individuals occupy various spaces rather than a particular floor or space. E.g. let there be people in the basement, first floor and other occupiable areas. This will make break in more difficult as against when everyone is in a single space.


  1. Going for a walk? Be in company and in good time. Criminals sprawl the streets looking for lone individuals to attack and rip off. While the need for exercise is understandable at this time; it is also important that the right security measures are in place to ensure you get back home safe. When going for a walk, endeavor be in the company of at least 3 individuals. Time also matters so take your walk or run In the morning or early evening when visibility is clear. Avoid late evenings and poorly lit routes.


With the right level of security in place, your premises will be well placed to fend off intruders and security threats. Too little security measures in place and you are too vulnerable. Too much applied in the wrong ways and it becomes stifled, allowing criminals find workarounds, ultimately leaving you vulnerable and exposed.

So be smart about your security solutions in these times, and if it proves difficult, speak to us because Latins security Cares.







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