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Despite the high rise in crime, business owners still believe their business premises is safe with just a fence. Criminals are getting smarter and developing new ways to have access to your property, a fence simply not enough deterrence.

Hiring a security outfit to provide solutions and guard your company is a logical as their presence will deter them and reduce their audacity of their planned action.

Why Does your business premises Need Security?

Weak spots equates to Security problems.

Your business is your livelihood. It houses your merchandise, employees, and clients and it is only logical that you do everything within your power to protect it. Unfortunately, with more external relations, comes a larger chance of security breach as criminals take advantage of  existing weak spots to carry out break ins on your property.

What are the possible weak points on your business premises?

  • Weak, low quality locks as well as poorly secured doors, entrances and exits.
  • Valuables left lying around.
  • Lack of surveillance cameras
  • Windows covered with display posters which can prevent staff from seeing individuals accessing the property.
  • Valuables closely accessible from windows and entrances.
  • Absence of security of security officers and patrol.

How do criminals gain access to your business premises?

  1. Through the fence: Criminals can gain access to your premises through the fence. Whether you have a security fence with a barb wire, or electricity, some criminals can still find a way to get in. Most criminals would rather gain entry by creating an entry point through the bottom than go over the top which can make them visible and tip off the business owners. If you use an electric fence, they can look for a way to disconnect it; If they have a hard time disconnecting it, they can use rubber mats as cushions to get over the top.

With a barb wire fence, they can easily cut it open to create holes that are large enough for them to pass through and gain access to your property. Criminals are always looking for better ways of evading authorities.

  1. Through the entry points: Without a proper and secure access control system and security enforcers in place, criminals can easily gain entrance to your premises through the entry points used daily. They can walk in like prospective clients, or even pretend to be a member of your staff, law enforcement of maintenance men. It is important that serious security measures are put in place to prevent unwarranted and easy access to the premises.

The presence of weak spots can lead to major security challenges which can lead even bigger problems for your business such as:

  • Loss of money
  • Poor reputation
  • Loss of items or property
  • Low morale amongst employees.

 So how can the services of security guards help protect your business premises?

The presence of security guards on your premises serves as a deterrent for criminals. Knowing there are security guards on ground will make them have a rethink about attacking your premises as most criminals will rather attempt to attack a property with little or no security guards presence.

It is also logical to have security guards on your business premises as they can patrol and monitor the area throughout the day. Our guards at Latins security are of high quality and well trained to look out for suspicious behaviour that can cause financial and reputation losses to your business.

Security is not just about feeling safe, it is about proactive measures through surveillance systems, guards, and other deterrent solutions that ensures one stays truly safe. Your business premises needs more than just as security fence and it is our duty at Latins security Ltd to ensure we create a secure environment for you, so contact us for top solutions guaranteed to keep your business safe and pleasurable for you, your employees and clients.




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