Crowd Control

There are always inherent risks when a gathering ensues and at Latins Security Ltd, we provide professional crowd control that helps minimize those issues and ensures your event goes smoothly and successfully. Our crowd control security experts are available for a wide range of events, including concerts, festivals, exhibitions, conventions, corporate events, celebrations and even impromptu gatherings.
Our security officers are highly experienced and extensively trained in managing crowds. Our personnel are uniformed and can either be armed or unarmed. We can tailor a plan to the unique characteristics of the location and event, and our services can extend to:

  • Crowd dispersal
  • Front of stage/ pit control
  • Directing traffic
  • Security barriers
  • VIP seating and barricading
  • Escorting unruly attendees
  • Risk identification and mitigation

At Latins security, our mission is to provide deterrence in a professional and responsible manner. Dealing with the crowd with the utmost courtesy and professionalism, our event security guards appreciate how their presence can help to provide comfort and stability to both you (event organisers) and event guests. Contact us today for expertly managed events.