Hotel Security

The goal of hotel security services is to enable hotel owners and operators maximize the security of its guests and physical assets by making the best use of available resources. Hotel owners and operators retain hotel security solutions to provide duty of care to guests and staff, and to reduce legal and financial liabilities.

Latins hotel security solutions designs and implements risk mitigation programs that are meant to deter threats through routine procedures, and respond to threats through emergency procedures.

Our approach to hotel security

The latins hotel security approach begins with a deep understanding of real world security practices which are based in years of expertise in dealing with high risk environments. We then apply this in practical hands on way to the hotel and hospitality industry.

Our mitigation program includes and integrates people, products and technology.

At Latins, we believe security measures should be based on facts, critical understanding of actual and perceived threats facing the hotel and the vulnerabilities that lie with the premises. That is why we work in partnership with hotel management and staff by basing our mitigation efforts directly on our own security assessments, then work closely with the people on ground who are assigned with the responsibility for prevention and reaction to security breaches.

Our hotel Security solutions services involves:

  • Operational Audits that evaluate the quality of the hotel’s current security measures
  • Recommendations that develop solutions for enhanced security
  • Security Assessments that apply Latins Risk Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (RTVA) methodologies to the special contexts of hotels
  • Hotel Master Security Plans that use security assessments/RTVAs to enable hotel operators to effectively plan, manage and continually improve hotel security
  • Implementation of developed solutions for enhanced hotel security
  • Training of hotel staff and managers in routine and emergency procedures – program set up and implementation