Xray Scanning Security Solutions

Xray scanning security solutions enables you to see beyond the limitations of eyesight. Latins security Ltd has formed a strong alliance with globally reputable x-ray suppliers and manufacturing companies.

Xray technology is utilized by government agencies as well as private corporations to combat trade fraud, security violations, weapon smuggling and IED, illegal immigration, terrorism and drug trafficking.

We design, install and maintain unique electronic security solutions at high threat access points (borders, checkpoints, ports and offices) to ensure the safety of both public and private environments.

This will enable security staff and officials perform their duties more effectively.

Our XRAY scanners provide scanning solutions for:

  • Baggage scan
  • Vehicle scan
  • Mail scan
  • Body Scan
  • Mobile screening
  • Checkpoint screening
  • Ports
  • Schools and institutions
  • Aviation industry
  • Metal detection